Camera Placement and Video Quality

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OKCPD published a video of an armed robbery, lets break it down and provide some tips to create better videos for investigation.

Here is the report;

1. PHOTOGRAPHY 101, Never point cameras at glass (sunlight), even wide dynamic range (WDR) technology struggles to create good video looking into sunlight and cost 2 times as much to install. Place a camera at the door 7' max height looking into the store to capture better facial images. The last image in this robbery would be a perfect shot of their face. Place all cameras at 7' when wall space allows, how many videos have you seen of the tops of ball caps or hoodies? Several businesses have signs posted "No Hoodies Allowed" so a record of customers faces can be recorded in the event of criminal activity. is creating a decal for this, check out our store for other offerings, warnings to bad guys.

2. DO NOT INSTALL ANALOG CAMERAS! Today you can purchase IP cameras that will provide a hi-res image at affordable prices, why spend the time and money putting in a camera that gives this low quality image that will be hard to use in court?

3. Always install IR technology, smart IR is a term commonly used to describe the automatic image lighting to create great video images in total darkness.

4. Always create a copy of the evidence video in the NVR/DVR manufacturers native format. This recording will retain a watermark for proof of non-tampering, and the highest resolution of the captured images for use in the courtroom.