How Crimeseen helps neighborhoods improve safety

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Let’s face it: no neighborhood wants crime, yet often it’s not discussed until something happens.   Remembering that our parents often said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Crimeseen is working to stimulate the conversation before anything happens and provide the community with the right tools to protect themselves.

Safety in Numbers

There is nothing more powerful than when a community comes together for a cause.  Ensuring the saftety of your family and property is one of those causes.  And when neighborhoods rally around this cause, the whole community benefits.   

What is Crimeseen?

Simply stated, Crimeseen is an online social network that empowers individuals and communities to create a 24x7 virtual neighborhood watch.  


Crimeseen allows you to:

1.  Receive real time reports when something happens in your defined area

2.  Post a report as well as tips related to existing reports

3.  Locate registered video cameras that may contain information to help solve a crime. 

4.  Share reports across social media to create awareness and seek help


How does Crimeseen work?

1.  Sign up for a FREE account.  Select a Username (Your Crimeseen hero name)

2.  Set up your watch area by entering a location and a radius.  Example:  3 miles around 123 Main Street.

3.  You’ll receive a real time email for any reports filed within your defined watch area. 

See the image on the right.    
  • You live at location 1 and set up a 2 mile radius. 
  • Your mother lives at location 2 and you set up a 1 mile radius.  
  • You work at location 3 and set up a 5 mile radius. 
  • All of the blue splotches represent reports. 
  • You only receive emails for those reported inside your radius. 
  • You can expand or contract your watch area at any time.



Why would I want to use Crimeseen?

When terrorists bombed the Boston Marathon, law enforcement was able to quickly identify and locate the suspects thanks to the overwhelming response of the community on social media.  They shared pictures, sightings, suspicious activity and more.    The reality is that speed matters when solving a crime.   The more information law enforcement has to work with, the faster they can take action. 

A house burglary isn’t going to muster the same kind of public response as the tragedy in Boston.  But if it were your house or your neighbors, wouldn’t you want to ask for help from as many people as possible?  So why not put yourself in the position of being able to help others in that same situation. 

Facebook and other social media sites serve many purposes, and that makes it hard to use them for this purpose.  Even if someone is your friend on Facebook, they will typically see just 6% of your posts.  Crimeseen is the solution.  It has only one clear purpose – a central location where citizens, businesses and law enforcement can work together to prevent and solve crime.

One for the Road - Helping yourself while helping others

We aren’t talking about filling up your beverage cup for a trip.  One of the things that contributed to the quick apprehension of suspects in Boston is that every business along the marathon route that was equipped with video surveillance was asked to turn the closest cameras to the street.  So when a local home or business is equipped with video surveillance cameras, “One for the Road” refers to turning just one camera toward the street.  You’d be amazed how much information that one camera can provide.  

In Crimeseen, OFTR is a place where individuals and businesses can register their street facing video camera.  If an incident was reported nearby, the victim could use Crimeseen to ask the camera owner to review and/or provide footage from around the time of the incident.  Instead of going door to door, or posting flyers to ask if anyone saw something suspicious, the victim can quickly identify cameras nearby that may have captured helpful information. 

Imagine if there were only one way in and out of your neighborhood.  What if the two houses closest to the main entry each had a street-facing camera.  Would that significantly increase the chances of capturing images of cars, vans or people who don’t live or belong in the neighborhood? 

How do I get started?

Registration takes less than 2 minutes.

1.  Go to

2.  Click Register in the upper right corner. 

3.  Enter the information as indicated below

4.  Name your primary location (ex:  Home, Office)

     Either manually enter the address OR

     Drop a pin on the map

     Set a watch area radius around that location. 


You are now registered and will receive an email from with more information.