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Paul Conrady For Immediate Release

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Law Enforcement Giving Up On Property Crime?

Many articles are being written about how our law enforcement agencies do not investigate property crime due to the lack of resources and it will only get worse. (Check out the Crimeseen™ blog).  Crimeseen™ developer Paul Conrady has created a crime solving network that provides timely information to law enforcement for arrest and prosecution. Investigate the™ web site and I think you will find a unique tool to solve crime, find lost pets, find a missing person, and report anything lost or stolen with or without video - anything that requires immediate notification in a very targeted area.

Free Membership

Sign up to receive e-mail notification from fellow Crimeseen™ members that need your assistance.  When you create a location and specify a patrol radius you will receive e-mail notifications of reports filed only in the area you specify (1 mile, 5 mile, 100 mile radius).  You will click on the link and see a map locating the address of the report, and all the information pertaining to the incident.  The description field is searchable providing a database of information to connect crimes.  Green truck, man with a goatee, serial/VIN numbers, etc… is all searchable in a specified geographic area and provides information the general public can use to solve their own crimes.

Video and Smartphones

Video systems are becoming very affordable and because most systems provide remote smartphone viewing they give homeowners and business owners the ability to remotely view their property. Today they can communicate with first responders during an emergency providing critical information before arrival to the scene.  False alarm ordinances drive the installation of video because police dispatch to false alarms is seen as a growing drain on resources.  The evening news simply cannot show all the video of crime that is being caught on cameras.  The Crimeseen™ platform provides a delivery system utilizing their own YouTube channel to help identify suspects and share the critical information with members participating in their immediate area.

Use Thy Neighbor’s Cameras?

Members that don’t have cameras, yet, can utilize their neighbor’s cameras by visiting the One For The Road™ private video network.  Video system owners are registering their cameras that view public areas like streets, intersections, and parking lots thus telling the community that they are willing to help their neighborhood fight crime by allowing themselves to be contacted through the One For The Road™ network if their system may have captured helpful information.  All communication is anonymous unless either party provides contact information.

Welcome To Our Neighborhood, Digitally Patrolled By Crimeseen™.com

Homeowner associations and business districts are installing Crimeseen™ warning signs advising criminals of the

birdhouse that might be a camera, the electrical box might be a camera, you get the picture… if you enter our area to perform criminal acts you will be recorded, probably several times and the Crimeseen™ community will pursue you through One For The Road™ to serve justice.  

Groups, Communication on a Larger Scale

“Groups” allow people with like interests a forum to share information. Homeowner associations use it as a communication platform that is self managed, cell phone retailers, car dealerships, implement dealers, post crime information pertaining to their specific industry on a regional or national level.  Organized crime rings are a growing trend and they work in a wider area to avoid detection, again dispersing information to like industry is paramount in this war on crime.

Times Have Changed and So Must We!

The Crimeseen™ membership is “grassroots” and it’s free, the only e-mail traffic you receive is notification of events in the area you specify, so start big, edit it down when the traffic dictates, share it by forwarding reports to people you know in the area of the report.  Don’t wait to be a victim, join today, your neighbors need your involvement today, your police department needed your involvement yesterday.  


If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Paul Conrady, Founder call 405-341-6374 or e-mail or visit