Six Cameras, One Bad Guy, Still Have Few Details

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This auto theft was posted this morning but provides little detail of who stole this car. Six camera angles in a small convenience store, let' break it down.

Tilt camera down to eliminate the sun and the camera should only see 6 ' above the ground at the farthest distance unless we want video of a plane crash should it happen?  Clean and consider new hi-res video.

Turn the camera to the right, nothing will happen on the wall, there is a better view of the door on the interior camera.  Clean the enclosure, check the height, 9'?

Camera placement?  Lower the camera (7'), install at the corner looking down the refer doors.  You have the light of the refer to provide a great picture, and the doors open in your favor.  To avaoid the camera all he has to do is look down with a ball cap on.  Tighten the lense to see down the front of the refer doors, to capture beer thefts.

7' high is best, especially from behind the counter, if target is the cash drawer look from above.  Hi-res?


Never look at glass, move the camera to the door, (7') looking into the store, last image should be the face when leaving, 


Never look at glass, height strip with camera is perfect for this shot!