Web Site Aids in Solving Crimes Feb 2010

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EDMOND, Oklahoma -- A new Web site aims to give regular citizens the ability to fight back against crime.

Edmond businessman Paul Conrady has just launched a Web site called crimeseen.com. The site allows individuals to post videos, police reports or any information they have on a crime.

There is tons of surveillance video of crimes that never make the news, but this site aims to put them all in one place.

"If a crime is found, it takes minutes to get that information out there," said Paul Conrady.

By putting these resources in one place, Conrady hopes the public will get more involved in helping solve crimes.

The site works like this: If a person catches a crime on a surveillance camera, the victim can upload the video onto the site for all to see with the hopes someone will identify the culprit. Some suspects have already been identified with the site, which helps police.

"I can't tell you how many videos that the police department has gotten from this little bitty company and no one's ever seen them," Conrady said.

The system also identifies geographical areas where a crime has occurred along with the location of all surveillance cameras of other members. The Edmond Police Department is already using the site to post video.

"To me, it's like facebook for neighborhood watch. A facebook for neighborhood watch where it's all gone electronic, where you can go into your neighborhood and see if something has happened in your neighborhood," said Glynda Chu, Edmond Police Department spokeswoman.

And the site is free for the public to use.

"It's a matter of us all working together and providing the police department the tips as we see them," Conrady said.

Conrady said he's in the process of developing an iPhone app so people can do it right from their cell phones.