Why You Answer The Door When Someone Knocks

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Homeowner Shoots, Kills Burglary Suspect

POSTED: Monday, March 14, 2011

UPDATED: 4:16 pm CDT March 14, 2011

MISSOURI CITY, Texas -- A homeowner shot a burglar to death inside his Missouri City house Monday, officials said.

Missouri City police said the shooting happened in the 900 block of Bolton Drive shortly after 1 p.m.

The homeowner said he was home when two men came to his front door and knocked. Since he did not recognize them, he didn't answer, he said.

A short time later, one of the men knocked on the back door before kicking it in, investigators said.

The homeowner said he grabbed his deer rifle and ordered the burglar to stop. The man then turned around with a pistol in his hand, the homeowner said, so the homeowner fired once.

The burglar died at the scene, according to police.

"The homeowner is fine, a little shaken up. He certainly didn't want to start his day off like this," said Officer Mike Berezin with the Missouri City Police Department.

"The other man had a gun. He didn't have any choice. It was him or the other guy. (It) still doesn't make it any easier on him," said Randy Charlton, the homeowner's friend.

The second man drove off but was apprehended an hour later because the homeowner wrote down the vehicle's license plate number, police said. Investigators said the second man crashed into another vehicle near the intersection of Kirby Drive and the South Loop.

No names were released.