Security Tips

A salute to sheep dogs

Here's to the silent heroes, the ones standing in the shadows, awake when no one else is, keeping watch over the rest of us. Sheep dogs are the ones always on alert, watching for danger and working to remove the danger before it strikes. They are also the first responders in time of need. From military and law enforcement to fire and rescue personnel, these are the folks who put their lives on the line every day so that we can sleep at night and enjoy all that freedom offers.

How Crimeseen helps neighborhoods improve safety

Let’s face it: no neighborhood wants crime, yet often it’s not discussed until something happens.   Remembering that our parents often said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, Crimeseen is working to stimulate the conversation before anything happens and provide the community with the right tools to protect themselves.

Nightvision Surveillance Camera?

Here is a new 1.3 Mp camera from Avigilon that can practically see in the dark! We haven't seen any other HD cameras that compare to the low-light capability of this new camera. Please comment and share your own images for comparison if you have anything to add to this discussion.

Six Cameras, One Bad Guy, Still Have Few Details

This auto theft was posted this morning but provides little detail of who stole this car. Six camera angles in a small convenience store, let' break it down.

Tilt camera down to eliminate the sun and the camera should only see 6 ' above the ground at the farthest distance unless we want video of a plane crash should it happen?  Clean and consider new hi-res video.