School vandalized again

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See video: <a>,0,4048811.story </a> OKLAHOMA CITY -- School officials at Villa Teresa School in South Oklahoma City began a big cleanup job Monday morning. Vandals struck the school twice over the weekend. These are the fifth and sixth times the school has been hit since Christmas. Saturday night numerous statues were damaged or destroyed by vandals. The early Monday morning two classrooms were torn apart by vandals; windows were broken and supplies were scattered everywhere. Sister Veronica Higgins says they even poured a type of acid on windows, doors and water fountains. Higgins says, "If you know little ones, they put their mouths on everything. So, we're a little concerned." A statue of the Virgin Mary was also destroyed and hate filled messages were written all over one of the dry/erase boards in a classroom. The school recently had a surveillance camera installed. The camera did capture video of two young men running past the front doors of the school. Oklahoma City Police say they would like to talk to those two men to see if they have any information which could help police solve this crime.
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Oklahoma City , OK
Coordinates: 35° 19' 46.9992" N, 97° 32' 0.7872" W
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Monday, March 15, 2010 - 10:49pm
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