What Is Crimeseen?

Crimeseen® is the crime solving social network. Citizens receive notifications of crimes in an area they specify and then reply to the victim to help keep their communities safe. Through this crowd sourced crime solving, we help each other and potentially earn rewards in the process.

Signup Now - Signup is free! You only enter:

  • User name (Alias)

  • E-mail address (For notification only, never shared or visible on Crimeseen)

  • Password

  • Zip Code

  • Your Location (Required to define the center of your patrol area for notifications)

  • Patrol radius (Your custom defined area of participation, edit as needed)

Benefits of Signing Up:

  • Receive notification of events within your defined patrol area.

  • Send and receive private messages allowing all parties to remain confidential.

  • Locate and communicate with camera owners.

  • Locate local Security Professionals (Locksmith, Alarm, Surveillance Cameras, Glass Repair, etc.)

  • Receive security tips and new technology reviews.