Woman in cell store robbed at gun point

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Seen on KFOR.com: <a>http://www.kfor.com/news/local/kfor-news-robbed-gunpoint-story,0,5136465.story</a> An Oklahoma woman is trying to calm her frazzled nerves after she was robbed at gunpoint Wednesday afternoon. It happened at the Cricket Wireless store near NW 122nd and Penn. The owner of the store thought the big windows and the busy location would make thieves think twice about hitting this place, but police say in broad daylight a man walked inside, pulled out a gun and took what he wanted. "Please don't shoot me. Lord, don't let him shoot me," Angela Mattison said. "I was just praying that he didn't shoot me." Mattison's eyes filled with tears as she remembered the gun that was pointed at her head just hours earlier. She did not want to show her face, but her hands do a lot of talking, still clasped in fear and jittery with nerves. "When you've had a gun pointed in your face, it's very traumatic," she said. Wednesday afternoon police say a couple of men walked into Mattison's store. The first man walked inside and began asking her about expanding his cell phone coverage when moments later another man came inside and pulled out a gun. "Another guy with a gun kind of tipped up behind him, put the gun over his shoulder and told me to give them the money," Mattison said. She said she began grabbing money and dumping it into an old pillow case the man had brought with him; then he made another request. "Hurry up, hurry up. You're taking too long," Mattison said. "Then he asked me were the phones were." After snatching several phones, he told her to stay put in the back of the store and that is when he took off walking across the parking lot. Mattison said at this point, the first man was already gone. She suspects to the two may have been working together, but police aren't quite sure. "We don't know if he was involved in the actual robbery, but we do want to talk to him," Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Mike Klika said. Mattison closed up a little early, but the doors to her business will be back open Thursday morning. "This is my business. I own this business," she said. "I can't just shut down, because somebody robbed me." Police have a very limited description of the robber. They say he's a slender black male and was wearing a bandanna and a blue t-shirt hoodie.
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Oklahoma City , OK
Coordinates: 35° 35' 37.158" N, 97° 32' 57.9192" W
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 12:00pm
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