Law Enforcement

Crimeseen®, Crimeshared, Crimesolved!


Crimeseen® delivers crime details customized to each member's defined "patrol area" and are ready to assist the community by crowdsourcing security assets to quickly gather information.


Crimeseen provides the following features for law enforcement agencies free of charge:

  • One For The Road®
    • Members can enroll their cameras on our One For The Road® camera locator map to allow instant access to footage they may have captured. Investigators can sit at their desk and request video from absent camera owners who can remotely view and send video images from wherever they are, "Crime Solving at the Speed of the Internet".

  • Submit A Tip & Customized Report Functions

    • Law Enforcement Agencies provide a URL through the enrollment process that links directly to their secure anonymous tips page, investigator's direct contact name and phone number. A private message link then appears on every report and is populated through pre-loaded agency templates for rapid report creation.
  • Community Engagement with Branded Posters
    • Invite the business community to print and post the REWARD/WANTED posters for instant communication with non-members. High traffic area convenience stores are good locations for this type of notification and often have video to assist Agencies in crime solving. Remember, they just need to set a patrol area that makes sense and post the crimes taking place near them.

  • Branded Reports
    • With a "Submit A Tip" link to your agency's tip line, website, or Facebook page.

  • Searchable Database
    • Quickly review/find topical crime reports.

  • Upload Crime-Specific Content

    • Ability to upload snapshots, videos, searchable details, google map location, incident number, contact information to reports.
  • Networking/Outreach Opportunities

    • Crime Prevention Technology Seminars for agency and/or community awareness. Check out some of the features your Agency can utilize free of charge, just like Facebook, our advertisers make free for all to use to "Crowdsource Crime Solving".
  • Branded Notifications
    • Geographically delivered and include a logo/link to your Agency. The sample is of a report filed by Edmond Police Department. This is what is sent to members if the crime happened within their patrol area.


" strives to connect security industry leaders, concerned citizens, and law enforcement to a platform utilizing today's technology, social media, and the power of the internet to make our communities a safer place"


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