Crime solving

Don’t wait another second. Prepare today.

Gone are the days you can leave purses and wallets in a shopping cart while shopping. You can no longer leave garage doors up and doors unlocked or valuables in your vehicle in the driveway. These are new times we live in. Protect Your Property and educate your elders.

We are too trusting in Oklahoma. We don't keep criminals locked up and they are motivated by their need for attorney money, bail money, and drug money. Stay Diligent my friends. PREPARE.

Be Proactive with 3M Security Film

I have always been amazed at how people respond to glass break entries and how it is not uncommon for the property owner to simply replace the glass without addressing the problem.

Don't leave an incident of instant access to your property to chance. Check out this short video about security film and be proactive in protecting yourself and your family.